About Us

Owned and operated by Paul MacEwen.

Slow Rise is an Artisan Bakery on Gabriola Island British Columbia. We bake bread from natural starters and with locally sourced organic grains in our wood-fired oven. Freshly milled flour, a variety of scones and granola compliment our goodies available at Village Foods Market.

Originally our breads were baked in a brick and cobb oven that our team built by hand and then constructed the Timber framed Bakery building around it with the help of local craftsmen and friends.

This year we took the bakery to a new level when the old oven began grew tired and it was time to invest in the future. A beautiful state of the art wood fired stainless steel Bassanina420 was ordered from Italy and now sits proud in the centre of the bakery.

Coming soon is a new stone mill which will enable us to supply Gabriolans with freshly milled locally grown grain flour as well as using the fresh flour in our artisan products.

We hope you enjoy our products and if you want more of our story please take a look at the blog posts from our very beginning to our current day news.